Mac App Store Serving Dated Software

It’s come to my attention that the versions of many apps in the Mac App Store are behind their latest releases outside the App Store. A certain delay is understandable, giving Apple the time to review changes and such before accepting the new release. Some however are multiple releases behind, resulting in months of updates which users aren’t getting. These updates can range from “superfluous” visual changes, to new features and more importantly security fixes.

I found this odd and tried to seek more answers but interestingly enough, not much is written on the subject. I was only successful in retrieving an article written by Computerworld in 2011 about the Opera browser.

Under the presumption that the App Store was introduced on the Mac in order to offer the same ease of use as its iOS counterpart in regards to finding and updating software (aside from the financial cut Apple takes), the current situation defeats the purpose.

If it’s possible to download a piece of software from the App Store as well as from the developer’s official site, there is a good chance that the one you’ll get from the App Store is outdated in comparison to the other. With most apps downloaded outside the App Store having built-in “Check for updates…” and/or auto-update functions, I’d recommend getting your software from the official site instead of the App Store if the developer gives the option.